We're on a mission to build the operating system for your career journey

No matter who you are, or where you’re going, the path to finding a new job can be slow and frustrating. We want to help you turn this process into the exciting career step that it should be.

Measure what matters

The impact of who you work with next is one of the most important decisions in your life when you are thinking about changing jobs. It is far too consequential to let emails pile up in your inbox from recruiters and let time pass by without knowing exactly where you stand.

We all have enough to worry about these days. Regardless of who you are and where you are going, having a clear grasp of your future opportunities is peace of mind worth seeking out. We built Kiter for ourselves, our friends, and anyone out there looking for a better way to tackle an important milestone event. Whether healthcare workers looking to expand their ability to serve COVID impacted populations, software engineers looking to build the most exciting version of the future, or managers looking to move to pastures where they can more effectively grow a team.

A living growing solution

Kiter offers an effective and tested infrastructure to get you to your next role while keeping you in the driver's seat. The process of navigating to your next role is too important to outsource but too time-consuming to let flood your day-to-day work and life. Here are a few of the ways you can get ahead:

  • Use a clear and organized picture of everywhere you have applied to, want to work at, or have a connection with so you have an on-demand roadmap any time and anywhere.
  • Find relevant and focused suggestions about amazing opportunities based on where you are already applying, not broad search terms
  • Achieve peace of mind in your process with a clear view of timeline, goals, and expected outcomes - without filing your inbox and phone with reminders and junk mail

A career journey is a living, fast-moving process, and so should the tools that support it. Kiter grows and improves with you to offer insights and help you communicate your value to employers in the most effective and efficient way possible. Stop waiting for responses to emails and learn how you can level up your output.

Today more than ever you, job applicants, are the masters of your destiny. Gone are the days when companies can dictate arcane labyrinths to navigate to find out of you are a good fit. There are so many great companies looking for talent all over the world that it is simply a matter of arming job seekers with proper information and the best “desktop” to organize, respond, and maximize it.

About Us

We are brothers who teamed up to arm modern job seekers with the tools they need in an applicant driven market. We are building the operating system for job seekers and are just getting started.