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The new Kiter email bot Mentat is a must have for critical recruiter emails

It can be hard to sort through all the emails you’re getting on the best of days. When you are juggling existing priorities while also considering your next job it can get overwhelming. Product promotions are ok to miss every once in a while but we built the new Kiter email bot Mentat to make sure you don’t miss any recruiting emails.

Even if you meet your next employer at a cocktail party of football game, most of the communication on your road to getting there will be email. Folders are great, but we want to take all of the stress and time out of keeping track of these critical comms. You can now forward any recruiter email to robot@kiter.app and it will be automatically process saving it to your Kiter account, creating contacts and tagging the relevant companies. Even if you get a long shot suggestion its a simple click to stow it away for when you might need it.

You can now forward any email to robot@kiter.app to save it

We are improving Mentat all the time and look forward to its progress. No need to even log in, just forward from your existing account email and you will be on your way. We are working to make it easier for you to keep track of your critical recruiter emails on the fly. Never miss a follow up again and just file everything away with a simple forward.

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